America’s Piano Showman, a title aptly given to one of the world’s premier performers of our time. From Carnegie Hall, to the honor of being the only person to ever perform inside the Tower of David, Jerusalem. Dino has captured the world with his unique talent, stellar performances and exceptional showmanship.

Two time Grammy Award nominee and Grammy Award nominee for “Chariots of Fire”, eight time Dove Award winner and Tele Award winner for “Miracle’s”.  Dino’s talent and performance prowess all started at the tender age of three, when he sat at an upright piano, and played both melody and harmony of a hymn he heard that morning at church. He grew into his talents and later studied at Julliard School of Music, and conservatories in both France and Germany.

Touring the world and playing in such places as Russia, Japan and Israel to name a few, also The Hollywood Bowl, Lincoln Center and many more prestigious venues nationwide. He also performed for Presidents and Dignitaries alike. Aside from touring the world Dino made countless network television appearances since the age of sixteen, plus the highly rated talk show “The Dino Show” produced and hosted by he and his wife Cheryl Kartsonakis. For over 25 years they wowed audiences around the globe in over 200 countries with variety of celebrity guests as well as performances by Dino and Cheryl.

In 2007, to the surprise and delight of his fans Dino and Cheryl opened “Dino’s 24Karrot Cake Company” located in Branson, Missouri, also shipping their “Celebrity Favorite” cakes nationwide.

Dino is not only an entertainer, but a husband and father of two daughters; Christina and Cheri, and grandfather to Cherie’s daughters; Lauren and Alexandra.